.company () = Hired CMO (Corrie Dark), CPO (Eliot Stock), COO (Gareth Hordyk.) Everyone is focused on building out and scaling our operation.

New development teams have been brought in — we have brought in two additional development teams to expedite development of the kernel.

.platform() = An autonomous kernel that integrates with existing defi protocols in order to capture yield through a single unified interface. This interface and deployment on eth mainnet is a prototype for the defi integrations that we will be deploying and expanding throughout the EVM network.

EVM connectivity development is going to be paramount. Redesigning…

_desc: deep price feed integration with chainlink.

0x_Nodes will integrate Chainlink oracles into our ETH:mainnet aggregation engine to price assets used in our cross-chain yield aggregation network.

Chainlink Price Feeds will set accurate exchange rates for synthetic asset swaps and help in the on-chain calculation of cross-chain yield. The initial Chainlink Price Feeds to be referenced by 0x_Nodes will be YFI/USD, COMP/USD, and AAVE/USD — with more to come in the future.

Chainlink was selected as the go-to oracle solution because it is the most time-tested and widely used decentralized oracle network in the industry, securing tens of billions of dollars for leading blockchains and DeFi projects…



1 JUNE 2021: 0x_Nodes has authorized CFI to enable the following $BIOS token staking pairs:

  • BIOS(native)

link: https://samurai.cyberfi.tech/stake-pad/

Output will be in the sum of 50,000 $BIOS distributed over 61 days, as a part of our _kernel pre initialization phase.


7 JUNE 2021: 0x_Nodes will enable staking native staking in the kernel itself.

This pre-initialization phase into the kernel will accept:

  • BIOS(native)

Output will be in the sum of 150,000 USDT distributed over 53 days.

0x_nodes $BIOS Token Metrics & Distribution

BIOS Token overview

$BIOS is the fuel that unlocks the full potential of the 0xNodes network.

Through the $BIOS token, and utilizing the $BIOS token into a 0xNodes module you are opening the door for protocol fees to be collected, which you can then move through our network freely. $BIOS token will be issued through depositing assets (as single assets) into a liquidity module in the 0xNodes network.

The liquidity module is designed to be perpetual. …

0x_Nodes closes $3.7m strategic fundraising round in record time.


Techemy, Magnus, Rarestone, SkyVision, MW partners and 20 others raise $3.7m in strategic funding for 0xNodes.io

For 19 days the team has been coordinating with strategic investors to fill out an all-star list of ‘value add’ backers.

The net result has been a $3.7 million dollar pre-IDO fund raise. Strategic investors include Techemy Capital, Magnus Capital, SkyVision Capital, MW partners, Rarestone, BlockSync Ventures and LaunchCode Capital.

With this new funding, the 0xNodes autonomy is primed to be a leader in the rapidly expanding multichain universe — simplifying multi-chain liquidity and empowering…

7 MAY 2021: .whitelist for $BIOS IDO begins.

12 MAY 2021: .whitelist for $BIOS IDO ends.

.whitelist_enable: whitelist (click link for whitelist form)

$BIOS IDO Schedule:

  • Whitelist Open: 7th May 10:00 UTC
  • Whitelist Close: 12th May 10:00 UTC
  • Whitelist Form: https://forms.gle/7SHHxjaJqguFsMPf6
  • Whitelist Winners Announcement: 12th May 14:00 UTC
  • KYC Opens: 12th May 14:00 UTC
  • KYC Closes: 14th May 14:00 UTC
  • Participation: 16th May 18:00 UTC — 17th May 23:59 UTC
  • Token Generation Event: 18th May 02:00 UTC (Sushiswap)
  • Samurai $BIOS Token Claim: 18th May 02:15 UTC
  • Samurai 0xNodes IDO: https://samurai.cyberfi.tech/launch-pad/launch-0xnodes

.participation + allocation:

0x_nodes to Launch on CyberFi/Samurai Launchpad on May 17th

0x_nodes + Samurai/CFI platform

0x_nodes is excited to announce our IDO event on the CyberFi /Samurai Launchpad, happening on May 17th, 2021.

A raise of $500k worth of $BIOS tokens will be offered at a fixed price of $5 to the CyberFi community.

A total of 1300 winners will be selected and announced on May 12th at 2.00 pm, UTC. More information about the process will be provided closer to the IDO date. Stay tuned.

The timeline for the 0x_nodes IDO is as follows:

  • Whitelist Open: May 7th, 2021; 10.00 am UTC
  • Whitelist Close: May 12th, 2021; 10.00am UTC
  • Whitelist Winners Announced & KYC…

If you asked someone to name the top 10 problems in crypto and DeFi today, there’s a good chance that ‘lack of interoperability between blockchains’ would be at the top of their list. If it isn’t — then it should be, because the inability to easily move value between blockchains is what’s putting the brakes on sustainable growth in the decentralized finance sector now.

It’s a tough problem — but it’s one the 0x_nodes project is set up to solve.

Our team has decades of experience in technology, cryptocurrency, design and engineering. We have been building networks since before the…



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